Almost There

Almost There

The picture above shows, as you might have guessed (or seen earlier in the week on our social media) one of our newly arrived Hop Stop pint glasses being put to the test with a drop of Burning Sky Plateau. Now this picture is important for two reasons; firstly we have been promising to get pint size glasses in stock and by the weekend we will have them available in the shop for purchase. Secondly, and more importantly the arrival of our glassware is an indicator that we are getting close to opening Reigate, in fact there is a good chance that we will be open by the time you read the next email. Yes, we are that close.

It has been, and remains a frantic time as we pull everything together to get the bar open. Between doing all the bar work, keeping the shop running (although that has been pretty smooth with Kevin ably manning the shop while I am out and about) and getting ready for the Oxted Beer Festival there hasn’t been much time to breathe! We are almost there though and soon we will be up and running. Exciting, but also slightly nerve wracking as I am sure you can all imagine. Next week I will bring a full update with pictures.

New Arrivals

Lost Pier West Side IPA 6.2% Billed as a West Coast IPA for me it had the fruit note and slight marmalade character and yes, there was pine and bitterness but it also had a full, soft mouthfeel, not unpleasant at all just not quite what I was expecting. Perhaps 70% West coast and 30% East?

Arbor Tiny The Welder DIPA 8.5% Named in honour of, or perhaps a playful take on a world famous IPA (no prizes for guessing which) Tiny the Welder might be big in strength but it doesn’t suffer from alcohol burn, in fact there is quite a sweetness which tempers nicely the alcohol and the bitterness. Ekuanot, Simcoe and Summit give the tropical salad bowl along with an earthiness. Different from a lot of the other DIPA’s around currently and all the more enjoyable for that.

Verdant Your Limitation. It’s Only Your Imagination 8% One big DIPA on a school night is enough for me so I haven’t had a chance to try this yet. Verdant themselves describe it as having a “delicate smooth mouthfeel, soft peaches & mangoes balanced at the back with a slight pithy bitterness”.

Available Draught Beers

Watch out! we are going to be deluged by Fake News this weekend, hopefully there is some truth in the matter of the online reviews saying it is a tasty drop. Should be ok, online review sites are always accurate aren’t they?
Pouring Now
Oakham Citra 4.2% (cask) Citra Hopped Pale
Marble Pint 3.9% (keg) Light Pale Ale
Moor Radiance 5% (keg) Continental Blonde

Pouring Next
Ilkley Fake News 4.1% (cask) New England Pale
Mallinsons Not Today 3.8% (cask) Sparkling Golden Ale
Buxton Myrcia 4% (keg) Oatmeal Hopburst
360 Brewing Session IPA 4.3% (keg) Hoppy and Sessionable


Ruth and Mike