BBC, Bristol Beer Factory and Beavertown Extravaganza

BBC, Bristol Beer Factory and Beavertown Extravaganza


BBC, Bristol Beer Factory and Beavertown were the three ‘B’s in the subject line this week but to that we could have added two others, the first of which is break-in. If you follow us on social media you would know that last Thursday I arrived at the shop to discover we had been the victim of an attempted burglary. One window had been smashed with the broken glass and framing littering the shop floor. While nothing was taken, (not even the £18.40 bottle of Evil Twin Imperial Mexican Biscotti Cake Break, what idiots) it still makes us very angry as you can imagine. Running a business can be hard enough without some ‘person’ deciding to do this, anyway I better stop before I get carried away on an angry rant……..

No, not that BBC but three letters that you might have noticed following a hop listed on a beer label. Put simply BBC hops are a type of hop pellet that was created by John I Hass, a major hop producer, developer and trader. Through a specially developed process BBC pellets give a higher yield of the volatile oils in a hop compared to standard pellets or whole leaf cones and also gives more intense results when used for dry-hopping as the hop flavours and aromas are much more concentrated. This means that a brewer can use less BBC processed hops compared to standard hops to brew the same beer or more excitingly for the drinker get a hoppier, punchier beer thanks to the concentrated nature of the pellets. No wonder then that hop forward breweries like Cloudwater and Magic Rock are increasingly using them for their hop monsters with BBC processed Mosaic, Citra and Ekuanot hops appearing often. By the way BBC stands for Boston Brewing Company, the brewery that the hops were developed in collaboration with.

Beavertown Extravaganza
The last twelve months has seen some up’s and downs for Beavertown hasn’t lt? The excitement of Beaverex17 was soon followed by anger from some attendees due to a number of issues with the festival. Then a couple of months ago there was a social media storm when Beavertown announced they had been part purchased, sorry I mean started to work in collaboration with Heineken. This weekend sees what could be a tipping point for Beavertown with Beaverex18, get it right and a lot of people will forget the anger at the minority sale to Henineken and the problems with the festival last year, get it wrong and well, wait for it to all blow up. Ruth’s husband and I will be attending on Saturday and are looking forward to discovering new beers and seeing what the latest trends are, with approximately 50 breweries attending including Mikkeller, To Ol, Omnipollo there will be plenty of the good stuff on offer. If you are heading along drop us a line on any of our social channels and we can meet for a beer at the festival. I will report back next week on how it was.

Bristol Beer Factory
Okay the promised Salopian keg tap takeover hasn’t quite come about yet, the Pale is on but we are just waiting for the final few pints of the, shall we say divisive, Dark Star/Unbarred Unreal to be drunk. It should happen shortly and then the Salopian battle will commence. In the interim what we can promise you though is from midday Friday two Bristol Beer Factory cask ales will be vying for your attention, choose between Fortitude, a 4% Amber Ale with a trio of English hops or the always popular Independence which is a US Style pale ale and slightly stronger at 4.6%.

Wondering what the fifth ‘B’ in the subject line could have been? Well it is my birthday on Sunday, which I will no doubt celebrate with a beer and bag of scratchings.

New Arrivals

Burning Sky / 3 Floyds Out From The Void 11%
I can’t get enough of Burning Sky at the moment, in fact the special beer I have kept to drink as a birthday treat is their recently released Imperial Stout. Last week I mentioned their Barley Wine Out From The Void and now that I have tried it I can confirm it is a winner. A whiff of Brettanomyces greets you, there is a soft roundness which I think comes from the vanilla pods used and a gentle sweetness from the malt and possibly from the Sauterne wine barrels the beer has been aged in. Share and savour it with a friend or keep it all for yourself.

Half Acre Daisy Cutter 5.2%
Coppery orange in the glass with a whiff of pine and a dank, damp forest vibe to it Daisy Cutter is a solid west coast style Pale Ale. Plenty of bitterness, lovely tropical notes, basically a textbook example of the American style of Pale.

Weihenstephaner Hefeweissbier Dunkel 5.3%
Hefeweissbier – Unfiltered wheat beer with the yeast and protein left in suspension in the beer.
Dunkel – Dark
Put the two together and you have a darker wheat beer which has all the banana and clove notes you would expect but also a richer, warmer body then a normal wheat beer. This is due to a small proportion of darker malts used in the brew. Perfect as the nights start to draw in.

Mike and Ruth

P.S. Don’t forget we are at the Chiddingstone Castle Country and Food show this Sunday with our pop up shop showcasing a range of beers and cider to drink on site or takeaway.

Available Draught Beers
Pouring Now
Roosters Yankee 4.3% (cask) Pale Ale
Salopian Pale 4.6% (keg) Pale Ale
Dark Star/Unbarred Unreal 4.7% (keg) Session New England IPA

Pouring Next
Bristol Beer Factory Fortitude 4% (cask) Amber Ale
Bristol Beer Factory Independence 4.6% (cask) American Pale Ale
Surrey Hills Ranmore 3.8% (cask) Light Bitter
Salopian Auric 4% (keg) Dry Hopped Session IPA