Beer Label Fun

Beer Label Fun


We love a bit of humour on a beer label and this new arrival from Behemoth had me chuckling into my beer. Zoom in on the can and read the text, well worth it. It would be a good beer to drink while watching the World Cup and Ashes later this year, just keep an eye out to make sure the 80 grit surface of the can isn’t put to any nefarious uses….

This has been a great week for new arrivals, while every week see’s new beer come in from time to time the stars align and we have a bumper crop hit the shop. Look for new Verdant, Northern Monk, Time and Tide, Cloudwater, North End and Lervig just to get the ball rolling. Sadly I have tried precisely zero of these beers, contrary to popular belief I don’t sit sampling beer all day long but when the weekend does roll around I am looking forward to getting into a few. Top of the list? Verdant ‘s Too Many Opinions Water Down The Original Idea Double IPA. Billed as a West Coast IPA with piney and resiny notes this sounds right up my street. Don’t know about you but I am loving this swing back to the West Coast style of IPA’s with their assertive bitterness instead of the soft fruitiness of the East Coast style.

Fullers and Asahi
The big beer news of the last couple of weeks has been the sale of the brewing arm of Fullers to Japanese brewers Asahi. There is a lot of good comment around, I would recommend starting here with the first of Martyn Cornell’s articles on the sale. Follow it up with Pete Browns piece which looks at focusses on the head and the heart. It will be fascinating to see how this plays out over the future, will it be business as usual or the beginning of the end? Time will tell.

New Arrivals

Since I have discussed the other two Oakham cans it only feels right to go for the trifecta. Also this week a different type of IPA and the latest release from Westerham.

Oakham Thrill Seeker 4.8%
Featuring Kiwi and Aussie hops this pale ale is pithy and dry with a big grassy aroma and a dash of passionfruit. The bitterness is assertive and punchy and makes a refreshing contrast to the soft pales that are so prevalent at the moment.

Weird Beard Duke of Dank 6.3%
Red IPA’s aren’t a style we see a lot of here but based on how this tastes I would like to try more of this style. Reddish (unsurprisingly) in the glass there is a whiff of pine and resin and an underlying sweetness which carries through to the taste. The sweetness is countered by a big bitterness which balances the beer beautifully. What really got me though was the juiciness, not the one like a carton of actual fruit juice had been dumped in the beer but a juiciness that got my mouthwatering like the smell of a grilled steak. Weird Beard describe it as dank, I think dankalicious is more accurate.

Westerham Brewery Wally Winker’s Death By Chocolate 4.5%
The latest release from Robert and his team at the Westerham Brewery is a triple chocolate treat. The first chocolate hit comes from chocolate malt, the second from roasted cacao nibs and the third from a dose of chocolate essence. Too much of a good thing? No, the beer is well balanced and while definitely chocolaty it doesn’t slip into the sickly sweetness of a novelty chocolate beer. A second can of this would be no hardship at all. What I think helps is a biscuit like note from the malt that tempers the sweetness and provides a base for the chocolate to sing on. A lovely beer it would make a nice alternative to chocolate on Valentines day or put one away for Easter. By the way if you are interested the story behind the name it can be found on the side of the label, the name itself can be bit of a tongue twister best not said after a couple of cans.

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