Beer Name Fun


The Dancing Duck cask from last weekend went down an absolute storm not only because it tasted great but the name of the beer ‘Waddle it be?’ is so bad it is good. That got us thinking about other beer names that have stood out over the last couple of years and we have come up with quite a list as you can read below.

Notable Beer Names
The beer name that has been commented on more than any other over the last two years would have to be Flying Dog’s Raging Bitch. Couples always seem to gravitate towards it and have a laugh and there have even been a few comments along the lines of ‘I already have one of those at home…’ hmmm. Also out of America the Bastard series from Stone Brewing always gets people talking, with Lil’ Bastard, Arrogant Bastard and Double Bastard there is a beer for everyone. Beavertown always has some interesting names but my favourite is Double Chin, well what else would you call an amped up, twice the strength, variation on Neck Oil? Finally there was one name that Ruth and I didn’t ‘get’ until a customer pointed it out. The brewery was To Ol, the beer was called Sofa King Pale. Say it fast with no children around.

Titsey Brewing Company
Yes it does seem liked I jinxed the Titsey Brewing Co cask by talking about it last week, it wasn’t quite right for serving and so we got a replacement firkin which all going well will be ready and raring to go from Friday.

New Arrivals

Two Roads Miles 2 Go 6.2%
With a smooth body and a clean, subtly hopped finish Miles 2 Go tastes how you want a lager to. Perfect for enjoying in the extended evenings following the clocks going forward this weekend, just be aware though it is a fair bit stronger than your average lager.

Brew By Numbers 08/02 Stout 9.9%
Not just for winter time Imperial Stouts make a lovely little nightcap or liquid dessert. Rich and intense but not overbearing Brew By Numbers 08/02 is loaded with roasted notes which are mellowed by a hint of chocolate.

To Ol Garden of Haze 6.4%
Slightly hazy, slightly fruity and just ever so slightly sour Garden of Haze is a masterpiece in the art of achieving balance in a beer.


Mike and Ruth