Beer Tasting Fun

Beer Tasting Fun


It isn’t often that you will see a mass produced lager in this email but we loved this photo from a couple of our customers showing their Hop Stop bag being put to good use on a Greek beach. Perhaps a competition is in order to find the most interesting place a Hop Stop bag gets too? In other competition news congratulations to regular customer Stuart, who as a keen brewer, easily recognised the hop variety in last week’s email as being Plasticus Hopicus. Stuart your prize is waiting for you…….

New Brewery Trade Event
On Monday I am heading off to a trade event dubbed ‘The Future of British Brewing Part 2’. Five newish breweries will showcase their beers with the aim of course of getting their beer into more venues around the UK and hopefully getting more of that all important exposure. I get a lot out of attending these events, we can do all the online research and chatting to others in the industry and you the customer but of course the best way to find and assess new beer is to actually try it.

It is easy for us to get stuck in a rut of ordering from the same breweries that we know and trust, it is a big gamble to spend hundreds of pounds on getting an order in from an untried brewery only to find they are no good and are a struggle to sell. Hopefully then I come back Monday night with a few more breweries that we feel comfortable ordering from and of course recommending to you.

As much fun as it is going to drink beer for free it isn’t all a bed of roses though. Imagine standing in front of a brewer who has poured their heart and soul into a beer which upon trying I just want to pour down the sink….. After having attending a few of these types of events I have developed a serviceable ‘Hmm that certainly is unique/interesting/unusual’ face and a discrete ability to pour beer away into the nearest pot plant. It isn’t just that the beer might not be to my taste, obvious brewing faults such as DMS (a pronounced sweetcorn aroma and taste) or oxidised (think stale cardboard) are not a good feature of beers your are trying to sell. Thinking positively this time next week you will be reading about a group of amazing new breweries that we will soon be stocking in the shop.

Coming Soon
It has been a bit quiet so far on the new arrivals front with what seems to be a week of delivery delays meaning that as I write there isn’t a huge amount of new beer in stock. All going well though by Friday morning this situation should have been rectified and there will be new beer on the shelves ready for the weekend. I won’t go into too much detail now but new breweries coming include Andechs, Ellezelloise and Loverbeer plus there is new releases from Magic Rock, Cloudwater, Northern Monk and freighted fresh and cold from Barcelona are 3 different Garage Beer cans.

New Arrivals

Well there has been some delays on the new arrivals this week but here is a trio of beer that has hit the shelves over the last few days.

Behemoth Brewing Company Tasty Beverage 5%
Another week, another Behemoth arrival, I find it hard to resist New Zealand beers when they become available. This one is a citrus pale ale and does what it says on the tin (or bottle as the case maybe). Plenty of citrus oomph from US and Kiwi hops but also an extra boost thanks to the addition of real citrus zest. So yeah, plenty of citrus goodness in this one and it is tasty indeed.

Howling Hops Pale XX 5.1%
The Howling Hops Tank Bar is a great place to enjoy a beer or three but lets be honest it is much more convenient to pop in to our shop and grab a can or two of theirs instead of schlepping all the way to Hackney Wick. Currently we have a trio of Howling Hops cans available with Pale XX being the latest arrival. An APA in style it has that fruity punch with a resinous taste that coats your mouth.

Fyne Ales Workbench IPA 5.5%
Been a while since we have had any form of Fyne Ales beer and it is good to have an offering back from these Scottish brewers. Workbench is a West Coast style IPA, so none of that murky haze here thank you very much. The result of a year of tinkering and testing (hence the name Workbench) the beer is coppery golden in your glass and gives off a relaxed stone fruit aroma This carries through to the flavour with a whiff of grapefruit and a cut-grass finish, which I reckon comes from the Nelson Sauvin in the hop mix. This is one of those beers that the first sip almost underwhelms, but then before you know it you have finished the bottle and looking for the second. Drinkability in spades, one of the key elements I look for in a beer.


Mike and Ruth

P.S. Don’t forget Hopfest is on at the Dark Star Brewery all weekend, the beer list is looking fantastic.

Available Draught Beers
You might have noticed that Salopian Auric has been available for a couple of weeks. Well this isn’t because it has been slow selling but quite the opposite. It has been as popular as ever and since we had a few in the coolroom we have simply replaced Auric with Auric and well Auric. We are currently on the last keg though so come and get your fix while you still can.

Pouring Now
360 Brewing NZ Pale 3.5% (cask) Motueka, Rakau and Waimea hopped Pale
Salopian Auric 4% (keg) Session IPA
Brighton Bier Cyclops Eyedrops 5.5% (keg) West Coast style Pale
Hallets National Treasure 5% Sweet Cider

Pouring Next
Brighton Bier Mabiera 4% (cask) Hop forward Pale Ale
Dark Star APA 4.7% (cask) Cascade, Centennial and Chinook hopped Pale
Brighton Bier Pale 4% (keg) Moreish and refreshing Pale Ale