Buxton, Cloudwater and Oktoberfest

Buxton, Cloudwater and Oktoberfest


The picture above is of a raspberry wheat beer that I tried at the trade event I attended on Monday night. As refreshing as it was I don’t think we will be putting it on the taps anytime soon….. The event itself was good with two new breweries to me, Donzoko and Gibberish, definitely going on my watch list. If the right beer from them for the shop becomes available we will snap it up.

Cloudwater Change
In a couple of blog posts Cloudwater have set out some changes they are going to make in regards to their range, labelling and product format. Find all the details here and here with a brief summary being:
1) Seasonal core ranges being available starting with Autumn/Winter 18.
2) The return of Cloudwater cask ale.
3) A change in labelling format with the decision to replace ingredient lists (including hop varieties used) with descriptions of what the beer smells, tastes and finishes like.

I really like what they are proposing, a seasonal core range is great, knowing I can get a beer again that I really enjoyed is always a positive. The labelling format initially caught me by surprise, I like knowing what hops are in a beer and it does influence my beer drinking choices. When I thought about it more a description of the beer from the actual brewer is even more useful from both a beer nerd and casual drinkers point of view. A casual drinker isn’t going to know the difference between Simcoe and Citra and even nerds like us aren’t necessarily going to know how the hop has been used, what else has happened in the brew etc, so a description from the brewer lets us know exactly what we are spending our hard earned cash on.

Advent Calendars
Whisper it quietly but yes, Christmas is approaching which means of course the return of our Beer Advent Calendar. If you are lucky enough to have had one before you know the score if not here it is: 24 different bottled and canned beers individually wrapped and numbered ready for the first of December. We are strategic about which beer falls on which day so no big ABV’s early week! This year we have set ourselves the challenge of the Calendar consisting only of beers that we haven’t stocked before which is logistically a bit tricky but also makes it more exciting. Pre-orders are open now so time to start dropping those hints around home.

It is of course the season for steins of lager, oompah bands and much merriment so it is with excitement we look forward to attending Oktoberryfest at Flower Farm this weekend. We hadn’t planned to go originally but due to a happy change in circumstances Sunday afternoon will find us standing on tables, singing along to cheesy pop hits in a Germanic style and of course repeating Prost a lot. For me it might bring back memories of when I attended Oktoberfest in 2005, but to be honest I couldn’t remember much of that weekend in the days following, let alone years later. As to what I will drink on Sunday well being bit of a purist about these things I think I will stay away from the local ale and stick to the lager for the event as they do in Germany……. All the details and ticket sales are here

New Arrivals

A Buxton double and fittingly a new German Lager.

Buxton Spa 4.1%
Pendants will note that this isn’t strictly a new beer, it is one we have stocked in keg, draught and bottled formats previously. That was over a year ago though and since then it has had a flash rebrand so counts as new in my books. A ‘Special Pale Ale’ Spa is very smooth with a full body, hoppy but not over the top and with the bitterness cutting through the body it has long been one of my favourite dependable beers.

Buxton Rain Shadow 2018 11.5%
£8.30. Lets get that bit out of the way so we can focus on the beer. Yes, it does cost £8.30 for a 440ml can but I figure if you are wise enough to read this email each week then you definitely understand the difference between cost and value and Rain Shadow has value by the shovel load. Intense, with a massively roasted aroma and flavour carried in a thick, robust, inky body Rain Shadow forces you to slow down and sip your glass as you would a fine single malt.

Andechs Vollbier Hell 4.8%
Have your own mini Oktoberfest with a couple of bottles of Vollbier. A classic Bavarian Helles in style clean malt sweetness is balanced by a grassy hop note. Superb drinkability, somebody get me a stein.

Amazing, I just wrote about three different beers without once using the following words:

That is definitely a first!

Available Draught Beers

You might not have noticed but currently we have draught cider available, do ask for a sample and please let your apple loving friends know. On the keg front one classic has been replaced by another with Auric finished and the mighty Brighton Bier ‘Bier’ taking its place.
Pouring Now
Burning Sky Plateau 3.5% (cask) Light pale with crisp bitterness
Cloudwater Small Chinook Eldorado 2.9% (keg) Low strength, highly flavoured
Brighton Bier ‘Bier’ 4% (keg) Pale Ale
Hallets National Treasure 5% Sweet Cider

Pouring Next
360 Brewing Session IPA 4.3% (cask) Session IPA
Surrey Hills Shere Drop 4.2% (cask) Award winning golden amber bitter.
Oakham Citra 4.2% (keg) Citra hopped Session IPA


Mike and Ruth