GDPR (oh and beer of course)

GDPR (oh and beer of course)


A serious start this week but don’t worry, we soon get onto the beer.

GDPR and Hop Stop
No doubt you have received a lot of content lately in regards to the implementation of the General Data Protection Regulation, we are sorry to bore you with more but needs must so here is our piece, pouring yourself a beer before reading is highly recommended.

Hop Stop contacts you via email as you have given us your consent to do so. This consent was given in one of two ways.

1) Through entering one of our birthday competitions which required you to write your email address and tick a box to confirm you agreed to receive our emails.

2) Through completing our online sign-up form via our website.

As both of these methods of signing up required active confirmation on your behalf we believe that our emails are of legitimate interest to you so we will not ask you to sign up again. Of course if you no longer wish to receive these emails then you can unsubscribe here or contact us at and we will remove you from the list. You might not have noticed either but every email you receive from us has a link to unsubscribe, you will find it at the bottom of the email.

Just so you know we would never share, sell or use your email for any other purpose than direct emails from Hop Stop. All your data (which consists of an email address and a name) is stored on the GDPR compliant Mail Chimp server. Quite frankly it means a lot to us that you all take the time to read this each week (or at least haven’t unsubscribed over the last year) and we wouldn’t do anything to harm this relationship

Right, now we have that out of the way on to the beer!

BBQ Beer
Yes a cold lager goes down very well while standing around the BBQ but what to drink while you eat the fruits of your cooking labour? Here are a couple of ideas to get you started. Big robust BBQ flavours need big, robust beers. Those charred edges on your steak? They are crying out for a lovely porter or stout. The roasted notes in the beer match up with the food perfectly, one of my fondest food and drink memories is a Hawksmoor rib-eye and a bottle of Kernel Porter. Bliss. Burgers with their combination of ingredients, are complemented by a pale ale as it cuts through the richness of the meat but doesn’t overwhelm the salad or sauces. We have plenty more ideas for great food and beer matches, talk to us next time you are in the shop and we can give you some pointers.

Weekend Draught
Two cask ales that we haven’t had before are coming your way from Friday, firstly the NZ hopped Pale ale (3.5%) from Sheffield Park based 360 Brewing. Modern Way (4.3%) from Roosters is similarly hopped with NZ hops with the addition of some American for good measure. With plenty of dry hopping this should be a banger. On keg Tiki Blonde (4.5%) has more NZ hops, hmm are you sensing a theme here? Finally Fog Cutter (4.5%) from Holler bucks the weekend trend with no NZ hops but plenty of fruity American action.

New Arrivals

Big cans and big flavours, what’s not to love?

Gipsy Hill x Eebria Pedlar 5.4% (can)
Let’s discuss the elephant in the room first, calling this a session IPA is a stretch of any imagination. Unless you are a drinker of the calibre Andre the Giant was then a session on a 5.4% beer is going to end in tears. Style descriptor aside this is an absolute cracker of a beer. Delving less into the fruit bowl and more a walk through a damp pine forest, Pedlar is laced with the goodness of C-hops. Those American hops that rose to prominence in the 1990’s and on which the craft beer boom was built. Cascade, Centennial, Chinook, the names roll off the tongue. Resinous, bitter, earthy and spicy (is that a little bit of pepper). More please.

Left Handed Giant Sunset City Grid 4.9% (can)
Keep an eye on Left Handed Giant, big in Bristol and spreading thanks in large part to the quality of their canned beers. Sunset City Grid APA has a bit of Citra for some zest, Centennial chimes in with a bit more floral goodness while Simcoe gives a grounded, pine note. If you ever wanted to know what goes into starting a brewery I highly recommend reading LHG founder Bruce Gray’s blog, it will make you appreciate the beer in your glass even more.

Brewdog and Friends Eight-Bit 8% (can)

The Bruery
Magic Rock
Stillwater Artisanal
Seventh Son
Northern Monk
The list of breweries involved in this beer says it all really. Too many cooks might spoil the soup but a bunch of breweries of this calibre were never going to put their name to something they weren’t happy with and trust me, this beer will make fans of big IPA’s happy.


Mike and Ruth