Help The Dormouse

Hello everyone,

Hope you all had a good Easter break, Ruth and I both had a relaxing two days off in a row which was a real treat. This week we have a beer supporting a good cause and we catch up with the industry news from the last week.

Beer and Brewing News

Brewdog have purchased the Draft House chain of pubs which with 13 London locations and a good selection of beer many of you would have drunk in. What is particularly interesting about this is how Brewdog, the ‘punks’ of the beer scene will change the Draft house offering which currently does feature many beers from craft breweries who have been purchased by the big conglomerates. Will they rip out these ‘sell outs’ from the taps and the fridges or continue with a working formula?

Northern Monk’s Hop City was held over Easter and from reports from a few customers who made it to Leeds for the festival it was a fantastic event. In the face of stiff competition from UK and international breweries Cloudwater took out beer of the festival with a double dry hopped IPA.

There might be plenty of UK craft beer available on the market today but that hasn’t dampened enthusiasm for imports from the USA with 2017 seeing a 7.1% increase over the previous year. Interestingly enough I follow the New Zealand beer scene closely and in the last 3-4 months there has been a surge in UK beer being available over there with a lot of Tiny Rebel, Thornbridge and even Beavertown being poured.

Drink for the Dormouse this weekend

Now I don’t normally need a reason to enjoy a pint but if you do need one this weekend then we can help you out. On draught we will have Tillingbourne Dormouse traditional English ale. Not only does it taste good drinking it also supports a good cause. Tillingbourne Brewery donate 5p from every pint they sell to the Surrey Wildlife Trust who use the funds to support the Dormouse and maintain their habitat. With many Dormouse calling the area around the brewery home it was a natural fit for Tillingbourne to work with the Wildlife Trust. So have a tasty pint while basking in the glow of helping a worthwhile cause. In fact I think I might have two pints…..

New Arrivals

This week I have been a touch under the weather and have completely lost my sense of smell with the rather unfortunate result that my ability to taste beer has disappeared. A sip of beer and all I get is a bit of bitterness, a bit of carbonation and that it is. So the end result is that this week I haven’t tried any of the new arrivals, let’s just go with what the breweries say.

Magic Rock Hedonic Escalation 6.7% (can)
A tropical IPA with flavours and aromas of passionfruit, melon and lime. Brent Trois yeast is used which gives a lightly tart and refreshing finish.

Northern Monk Peanut Butter and Jelly 7% (can)
Northern Monk say ‘a malty brown ale brewed with a gargantuan mass of peanut butter and balanced by fruity accents of strawberry and raspberry jellies’. This is one I can’t wait to try if only for the bizarreness of it.

Arbor What’s the Plan, Dan? 5.6% (bottle)
‘Crisp and refreshing premium golden pilsner, brewed with Vienna malt, citra, loral and vic secret hops’. If it is as good as their previous lager Mega Mega White Thing we will be happy.


Mike and Ruth