Hop Stop: The Micro Pub

Hop Stop: The Micro Pub


Next week marks a milestone for Hop Stop as we will be celebrating our third year in business. Having marked our birthday with a prize draw the first year and free mystery beer with each purchase last year earlier in the month Ruth and I put our heads together to come up with a way to celebrate this year. After tossing back and forth a few ideas we thought what is the one thing that you, our customers, have expressed a desire for the most over the last three years? The answer: the ability to purchase a beer to drink in the shop. So next Friday and Saturday (19th/20th) of October the dream will become reality (for two days at least) with the grandly titled:

Hop Stop Third Birthday Pop Up Micro Pub.

Yes, you read it right, come in for your normal beer requirements and have a pint while you are in the shop, or how about coming down for a few hours Saturday afternoon or Friday night. We are extending our opening hours as well so no need to rush off at 8pm either. The beer list is currently under wraps but I can tell you that there will be four keg lines and two cask ales kicking things off with one of the first keg beers being a pale ale from a certain Danish brewer that begins with ‘M’ and ends in ‘ikkeller’. The full line up will be revealed next week but safe to say that Ruth and I are excited. While everyone is welcome of course as a little thank-you to all you loyal readers mention this email when you come in during our Micro Pub weekend and enjoy a half pint on us.

The Important Bits:

Friday 19th October
Open 12 midday to 9pm
Saturday 20th October
Open 10am to 9pm

Cask and keg beer along with the entire range of bottled and canned beer will be available to purchase for drinking on site. Plus if you or a friend fancy some grapes instead we will be pouring glasses of fizz and to stoke your thirst a range of salty snacks will be on offer. As responsible hosts non-alcoholic beverages will be available.

While we would love for you all to join us at some stage over the celebrations never fear if you can’t make it, we have plans for other events in the lead up to Christmas as well.

Other News
In other news this week the first of the Cloudwater Autumn Winter 18 beers have arrived and as I write the Vienna Lager is slipping down nicely, keep an eye out for the range making it onto the shelves in the next few days. Following Cloudwater’s lead from last week Brewdog have just announced that they are returning to cask ale as well. Good to see that the ‘craft beer punks’ have once again realised how fantastic cask ale can be following their rather disparaging remarks on the format when they dropped it years ago, surely it isn’t just a cynical ploy to drum up some marketing coverage?

New Arrivals

A detective, a collaboration and a cryo.

Redwillow Tearless 1 4.3%
It has been a while since we have had any canned Redwillow and after tasting Tearless 1 I was scratching my head thinking why haven’t we? Lovely citra notes with a bit of earthiness from Simcoe and oats lending a smooth mouthfeel it hit the right spot when I tried it. Labelled as a Cryo Pale by Redwillow the Cryo refers to a type of hop processing where fresh hops are frozen at extremely low temperatures to aid in the extraction of the active ingredients. Redwillow intend to make a series of Tearless beers, based on this one we intend on stocking more.

Brasserie Des Legendes Hercule Stout 9%
One for fans of Agatha Christie characters, the beer having originally been brewed in the town in which some fans believe Detective Poirot was born. Putting literary references to one side the beer itself is dark and malty with a gentle hop bitterness. Unlike many Belgium beers there is no sugar used, the strength is purely from the malt. Before bottling the beer is stored for 10 days in oak but I can’t really say that I picked up any oak influence, instead I got a warm, slightly spicy note that rounded off my evening nicely.

Northern Monk Don’t Mess With Manchester 4.5%
Northern Monk might be the headline act on this beer but the supporting line up is solid as well; Track, Marble, Blackjack, Runaway and Cloudwater all collaborated on the brew celebrating the opening of the new Northern Monk bar in Manchester. Very much on trend Don’t Mess with Manchester and has a golden malt base with a whole lot of dry hopping going on. Hazy in your glass, big aromas of passion and citrus fruit which follow through to the taste.


Mike and Ruth

Available Draught Beers
A classic feel this week with a number of shop cask ale favourites putting in an appearance. Keg wise if you visited last weekend you will know that we have been experiencing some issues with one of our taps, everything should be back to normal tomorrow with two keg choices available.
Pouring Now
Surrey Hills Ranmore 3.8% (cask) Pale session beer.
Cloudwater Small Chinook Eldorado 2.9% (keg) Low strength, highly flavoured.
Hallets National Treasure 5% Sweet Cider

Pouring Next
Oakham Citra 4.2% (cask) Citra Session IPA
Surrey Hills Greensand IPA 4.6% (cask) Classic bitter IPA
Salopian Luna 3.8% (cask) Golden Ale
Dark Star East Coast IPA 5.9% (keg) New England IPA