May beer be with you!

May beer be with you!

Hi and welcome to the Hop Stop blog for May.  As always lots going on this month and more importantly some cracking beers in stock so let’s get straight into the good stuff!


We have had a lot of fun getting a new range of new bottles in for you to try, too many to list them all but here are a few tasters to whet your appetite.

Cloudwater Session Bitter (4.5%) and Cloudwater Session IPA (4.5%)

Cloudwater have been on a bit of a roll as of late and in stock now we have two beers from their spring / summer range.  Epic Lager is a light and refreshing lager that has been hopped with all British hops.  The session IPA is dry hopped with an experimental hop plus some Comet and Citra, if you want to try if for yourself best to be quick as Cloudwater is in very short supply at the moment.

Tiny Rebel Lupulin Fiasco 6.5% and Anchor Saison 7.2%

Originating in the French speaking part of Belgium Saison means Season and it was brewed in the colder months to serve to farm workers in the warmer months.  These two beers are great interpretations of the style,  the Lupulin Fiasco from Tiny Rebel is a South Pacific Saison so brewed with a Saison style yeast but chock full of South pacific hops to give that lovely fruit tropical taste.  The Anchor Saison while still having the distinct pepperiness and Belgian funk has a pronounced citrus note thanks to the addition of three Californian ingredients (where the brewery is based) lemongrass, lemon peel and ginger which make it highly refreshing.  Why not pick up one of each and have a super Saison sampling session?


Only a couple of new cans in as I write. The first is Moor Relentless Optimism, an ESB which they have brewed in collaboration with Fullers and Domus.  Expect biscuity malt with a touch of sweetness and fruitiness. A modern interpretation of a British classic.

Roosters Brewery from Yorkshire have an ever popular line up of cans (my favourite being Fort Smith) and we have just received their Red Baron.  A 5.7% India Red Ale which has been dry hopped with four different hops leading to a spicy and citrusy taste coupled with a smoothness thanks to the rye used in the mash.

Plus we have stocked up on all your favourites such as Neck Oil, Heart and Soul and Gamma Ray.


Speaking of Gamma Ray it will be on Key Keg shortly,  as soon as all the Beavertown Bloody ‘ell has been drunk and the way Ruth ‘samples’ it that won’t be long!

Coming up this weekend is the long awaited return of Oakham Green Devil IPA.  This is one thick, resinous, dank IPA that doesn’t hide its strength.  If you like your hops and a beer with a hefty punch this is one for you.

Summer Wine is a brewery that seems to quietly turn out great beers without a whole load of fanfare. All their beers we have had up on the stillages and I expect Wingman to be equally so.  A solid, easy drinker bitter perfect for a few pints over a weekend.


Summer Events

If you are starting to plan a summer event such as a wedding or a garden party now is the time get in contact with us about your beer requirements.  We can supply firkins (72pints) polypins (36pints) and minipins (18pints) plus a range of bottles.  Delivery and set up can be arranged as well.

Beer and Food

Last weekend we had a lot of fun at the Outwood Cricket Club hosting a beer and food matching evening for thirty people.  It was great introducing people to styles of beer that they hadn’t tried before and seeing their reactions to some of the more extreme beers!    Beer goes superbly with food and in a lot of cases much better than wine does.  Here are some basic matches to get you started:

Chocolate Brownie and Kriek Boon Lambic Cherry beer.

This is a liquid black forest gateaux, the rich chocolate bitterness of the brownie meets the tart cherry of the Kriek boon to provide fantastic dessert combination.

Fish and Chips and Thornbridge Bayern Pils

Bayern Pils is crisp, clean and refreshing with a pronounced hoppy bite that cuts swiftly through any grease that the fish and chips leave without overpowering their taste.

Saison Dupont with everything!

As mentioned earlier Saison is a distinctive style and Saison Dupont is a classic example which works with a number of foods, try it with steak and a peppercorn sauce, a fiery Thai dish or some ripe and runny camembert.

This is just a small introduction to the world of beer and food matching, if you are interested in such an event for your sports club or social group get in contact with us.

Love Oxted Day

While the weather might not have been great the inaugural Love Oxted day was a roaring success with a large number of stalls selling their locally produced food and drink.  We didn’t get much of a chance to look around ourselves as we were busy in the shop but one stall we did check out was the Godstone Brewers who proved very popular.  If you tried some of their beers and are looking to stock up find them in the locals section of our shop.

Hop Stop Glasses

Next time you are in the shop check out our brand new tasting glasses complete with our logo.  They are available to purchase and are a great way to enjoy your beer at home.

Oxted Beer Festival

Don’t forget to purchase your tickets for the Oxted Beer festival, they are available now and selling fast. Barrel sponsorship is also available so check out for all the details.


That’s all for now, check out and for all the latest news.  I am off to Rome this weekend to see a friend for a few days and no doubt try some Italian beer, will give a report next month!


Mike and Ruth

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