Not Just Beer…

Not Just Beer…

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that we love beer, it is what we know, research and 99% of the time it is what we drink if we are having something alcoholic. In fact when we opened the shop the idea of selling anything other that beer, well it didn’t even cross our mind, there is a beer for every occasion, beer is what we do, why would we stock anything else?

Oh the naivety of youth, you want something else? Go somewhere else! Well it only took a few months and repeated enquiries that we realised we were missing a trick by not stocking a few ciders…and then after an approach from a mead producer (and a few samples) we thought we could stock that, it is a fermented product like beer isn’t it? Over the last couple of years we have stocked some gins as well, only those from breweries of course (Northern Monk and Wild Beer) and now we have reached another milestone by stocking a ‘gin in a tin’ in the fridge. After many requests (mainly from those heading on a train journey) Longflint Wild Hedgerow G and T is chilling away in readiness. Longflint are London based and they use East London Liqour London Dry gin and one of their house tonics which gives a grassy and herbal gin and tonic. It even had this committed beer drinking thinking hmm, this G and T thing isn’t too bad….

This week saw an announcement from Redchurch that they had gone into administration but had been resurrected by new owners who plan to continue brewing. The good news is that the employees of Redchurch have kept their jobs, the not so good news is if your were one of the investors in the crowdfunding conducted by the original Redchurch then your investment has been lost. Redchurch is the third beer business in London who have crowdfunded and subsequently gone into administration this year, the Bottle Shop and Beer Boutique being the other two. It will be interesting to see if the enthusiasm for crowdfunding on the part of beer fans will wane with these failures. For me taking part in a crowdfunding round as an investor could be fun if you have a spare £50 and like the idea of getting some benefits/rewards from the business you are investing in but as a serious place to invest some money? No thanks.

Loka Polly’s / Polly’s
Due to a trademark issue the owners of Loka Polly have decided to change their name to Polly’s Brew Co. We have one of the first releases under the new name in stock now, details below.

New Arrivals

Lately I have struggled a bit to taste new arrivals to review them in time for this email. A combination of when the beer has been arriving and making sure I have 3-4 days a week without a beer means it isn’t always possible to give my take on a new arrival. Sometime though a beer gets me so excited that I have to try it that night and the Cloudwater West Coast IPA is one of those.

Cloudwater West Coast IPA 7.5% To me, the west is the best, I don’t mind a juicy East Coast style IPA but give me a pine and resin laden West Coast IPA and I am in my happy place. This offering from Cloudwater took me straight there.

Salopian / Polly’s Brew Co Marches 5.9% A tropical IPA brewed with fresh grapefruit, mango and pineapple, I believe this one might be juicy.

Burning Sky Raspberry Monolith 7.8% A blend of barrel aged mixed fermentation beers this version of Monolith has been further aged on raspberries, in fact 300 grams worth per litre of beer. I have had previous versions of Monolith and they were always complex and rewarded contemplation, this version promises the same.

Cloudwater Bellini Slushie 8% Cloudwater describe this beer by saying ‘we blend a grape juice-infused Brut IPA fermented using Champagne yeast with a fruited sour.’ The addition of peach brings the Bellini note for what certainly sounds like quite a taste experience.

Cloudwater Tastes Like Citra 8% Hmm, I guess this tastes like Citra? The label note promises ‘a beer that’s sweet and juicy, but with a pith bitterness that lingers.’

Available Draught Beers
Kicking things off tomorrow are Pig and Porter Skylarking and Dark Star Hophead. Yes, we did have Hophead a couple of weeks ago but a customer order means we have it on again this weekend and really, that is no bad thing is it? The Fresh and Serenity are hanging on, ready and waiting is Salopian Auric and Moor Radiance.

Pouring Now
Gadds’ Hoppy Pale 3.6% (cask) Hoppy and Pale
Gun Brewery How’s The Serenity? 4.4% (keg) Vermont Pale
Wild Beer Fresh 5.5% (keg) Crisp Pale

Pouring Next
Dark Star Hophead 3.8% (cask) Golden Pale
Pig and Porter Skylarking 4% (cask) Session IPA
Redemption Pale 3.8% (cask) Pale Bitter
Salopian Auric 4% (keg) Session IPA
Moor Radiance 5% (keg) Continental Blonde


Ruth and Mike