Rhubarb and Popping Candy


Why have we taken a photo of a can of beer buried in a rhubarb bush? What have we received from Magic Rock this week? and finally what will be pouring this weekend? Find out below.

Northern Monk Patrons Project Rhubarb Sour
Depending on which side of the fence you sit on this beer is either a gimmick or an inspiring way to encourage drinkers to get more from their beer. If you look closely at the photo above you can see a covering over the base of the can. Underneath this covering is crackle crystals, those popping granules that jump and fizz on your tongue. What madness is this? Well in a flight of fancy Northern Monk and creative studio Lord Whitney have created a beer to not only mimic the puckering sourness of rhubarb but one which also makes the popping noise that forced-grown rhubarb makes as it struggles out of the earth it is planted in. Yes, that does sound absolute bonkers and since the beer arrived only this morning I haven’t tried it yet but the idea I love. Without innovators, experimenters and visionaries prepared to take a risk or try something new the world would be a boring place indeed.

Magic Rock Cannonball Cans
Duck and take cover it is cannonball time and Magic Rock have really gone for it this year with the release of three different versions of their core IPA. Light the fuse with Human Cannonball (9.2%) which is like Cannonball on steroids, big bitterness, meaty malts, layers of hops unfolding themselves as you drink. Then their is Neo-Human Cannonball (9.2%) which is a New England style take on Cannonball. The bitterness disappears, the haze comes in and the juiciness is wound right up. Finally as if those two weren’t enough the real heavy artillery is rolled out: 11.2% of Triple IPA otherwise known as Un-Human Cannonball. Brewed to celebrate the freshest, most pungent, hops available Magic Rock implore you to drink it fresh, well I think I will wait to the weekend to avoid waking up in the morning feeling like I have been hit by a cannonball. The Human Cannonball from last night was enough of a kick for a school night.

New Arrivals

A slight deviation from beer this week and a double dose of Lervig.

Hogan’s Hip Hop Cider 4% (bottle)
Take another look at cider courtesy of Hogan’s Hip Hop cider. A normal apple base but with the addition of both Cascade and Chinook hops for a dose of citrus and grapefruit. Would go down well in the sunshine.

Lervig Easy 4.5% (can)
Easy is name and easy in nature. Sessionable strength, fruity aromas and flavours with a balanced bitterness it is definitely an easy drinker.

Lost & Grounded / Lervig Atlas Won’t Put Me Down 8% (bottle)
Remember how DIPA’s use to look and taste? You could see through them in the glass, they had big pine and resin notes with a pronounced bitterness not the hazy, soft, juice like DIPA’s that dominate the market today. Well if you are hankering after the good old days then Atlas Won’t Put Me Down is the beer. Big, punchy bitterness saturates your mouth but only after you have enjoyed the walk through the damp pine forest experience you get on having a sniff and a sip. This beer was right on the money for me.


Mike and Ruth