The Hop Stop Bar at Oxted Beer Festival 2017

The Hop Stop Bar at Oxted Beer Festival 2017

Many of you have been asking so here it is, a menu for what will be available at the Hop Stop Bar at the Oxted Beer Festival. This list is what we are going to start with but make sure you check back at the bar over the course of the festival as you never know what might pop up for your drinking pleasure.

On the keg front we have deliberately kept the abv low, while we love strong IPA’s and hefty pale ales we have saved those beers for the cans and draught is all about lovely, sessionable ales perfect for sinking a few in the sun.

Brighton Bier Pale (4%)
This pale is smooth and easy drinking with a hit of citrus and just enough bitterness to have you coming back for more.

Pig and Porter Skylarking (4%)
Jam packed with tropical fruits this ultra-pale, refreshing session IPA is designed for drinking by the pint.

360 Brewing Rye Pale (5.2%)
The strongest draught beer we will be serving the rye pale has a touch of pine, a touch of citrus and a bit of spice thanks to the addition of rye.

Thornbridge Lukas Lager (4.2%)
Clean and crisp with a subtle bitterness this what lager should taste like. We expect Lukas to be a big seller especially if the sun comes out.

Take the opportunity to try a can or two this year, they are perfect for when you are on the dancefloor or if you want to carry a few beers back to your table without spilling a drop! Here is what is going to be on offer:
Beavertown Neck Oil 4.3% Session IPA
Beavertown Gamma Ray 5.6% American Pale Ale
Beavertown Lupuloid 6.7% IPA
Camden Hells 4.5% Lager
Wild Beer Pogo 4.1% Passionfruit, Orange and Guava Pale
Flying Dog Snake Dog 7.1% IPA
Magic Rock Salty Kiss 4.1% Gooseberry Gose

Purity Lawless 4.5% Lager
Two Roads Lil Heaven 4.8% Session IPA
Victory Summer Love 5.2% Summer Ale
Moor Revival 3.8% Trans-Atlantic Pale Ale

That list of cans should keep you all going so make sure you pry yourself away from the main bar and come and visit us for something a little different.


Mike and Ruth