Unsung Heroes

Unsung Heroes


It is easy to get caught up in all the hype surrounding breweries such as Verdant, Magic Rock and Cloudwater and the hype is well founded as we all know how good beers from these breweries can be. But how about some of those other breweries that produce fantastic beer but don’t always get the social media buzz, Ratebeer awards and Untappd ratings? This week I want to highlight some of those breweries that are eternally popular in the shop but don’t always get the attention they deserve.

Salopian (Shrewsbury)
You might have noticed over the last few months we have had a fair bit of Salopian available from keg and cask. From Golden ales, APA’s, Pales and IPA’s they brew a diverse range with one underlying factor and that is quality. We haven’t had a bad beer from them and that is one of the reasons we keep ordering their beer, the fact that you all love drinking it as well plays a big part!

Time and Tide (Deal)
Another brewery that just goes about their business brewing consistent, quality kegged, bottled and canned beer. The last time we had them the cans flew out and the kegged beer didn’t hang around either with Spratwaffler, their light pale, being one of our fastest selling keg beers of the last 6 months. Look out for more Time and Tide soon.

Wiper and True (Bristol)
I don’t recall a time in the shop when we haven’t had at least one beer from Wiper and True available. Quality, reliability and of course taste are three key factors for us when ordering beer and Wiper and True tick all these boxes. Their core range is solid but what we really like is their special releases which are unique anything but run of the mill.

So there we go, three breweries that don’t get all the hype but definitely deserve a place in your fridge.

In other news last Sunday we finally had our Hop Stop Christmas party with a long lunch at the Lockhart Tavern in Haywards Heath. This Dark Star pub does an epic Sunday Roast and of course the beers are top notch with ten keg beers and 6 cask beers available. Well worth a trip if you are looking for somewhere different for a couple of beers and a bite to eat.

New Arrivals

You know the drill, three new arrivals highlighted for your drinking pleasure.

Burning Sky Grisette 3.5%
Light and refreshing this Grisette is a lovely aperitif or palate cleanser. A touch of spice and the addition of Marigold and Camomile flowers (yes flowers) might sound strange but the result is a beer which is delicate and layered, rewarding either the drinker looking for a thirst quencher or a beer to ponder.

Partizan IPA: Columbus Citra Simcoe 6.5%
A solid IPA perfect if you are seeking a change from all the high strength juice bomb IPA’s which currently dominate the market. Three tried and tested hop varieties and a rich malt backbone equals tasty beer.

Lost Pier Beach Session IPA 4%
Our first beer from Lost Pier, a Brighton based gipsy brewer. Session IPA’s are one of the most popular styles (thanks in no small part to Neck Oil) and Beach Session is just what you expect, some fruitiness and a decent hit of bitterness with one can just not quite being enough.