Weekend Beer

Weekend Beer


Why the picture of three pump clips? Well each of the clips is for a beer we will be pouring over the next week and all three of the beers are interesting in their own way.

Sixteen Needles is a from Frameworks, a Leicester brewery that I have read a little about online but have never tried until now (well not quite now, but when we tap it tomorrow). As much as we love the tried and tested breweries whose beers we feature often it is always exciting to get a new brewery up on the stillages. Sixteen Needles is a Pale with Simcoe, Galena and Comet hops and has a ‘broad, easy drinking appeal’. It sounds good, try it for yourself from Friday.

It is pure coincidence that I ordered a cask of Fake News at the same time as a certain state visit. Ilkley promise ‘plenty of tropical goodness from start to finish’, lets hope that isn’t fake news.

Finally Moor Radiance is unusual in the fact that it is the first continental blonde style beer we will have on keg, it should be pouring by Saturday.

Oxted Beer Festival Children tickets
Last week I talked about the beer festival, I forgot to remind you that if you are planning on taking children (even newborns) on the Saturday or Sunday they will need a ticket to gain entry. This is due to licensing requirements which limits the number of people (yes including babies and toddlers) on site. The tickets are free, find the details on the beer festival website.

New Arrivals

Arbor Rocketman 6% Yes, we have had it in bottles before but since it is now in a can I thought a revisit was due. Not often do we see a beer labelled as an ‘American IPA’, sure plenty of West and East or New England Style but this is aptly named considering it seems to take elements from all the dominant styles of American IPA. There is a crisp bitterness like a West Coast but also a reasonably full mouthfeel and fruitiness like an East Coast.

Thornbridge Necessary Evil 13% I am waiting for the right moment to try this one, at 13% it demands a little respect! What I can tell you though is that this stout has been aged in ex bourbon barrels for 8 months to give it notes of vanilla, oak and of course bourbon.

Burning Sky Saison Provision 6.5% An absolute stunner from Burning Sky, I was expecting it to be good after reading a few reviews but I was blown away by it. Tart and acidic but balanced, the acidity provokes your taste buds instead of making you feel like you have licked a battery. Very lightly funky with a crisp finish this beer works on so many levels. If you like a Saison you don’t want to miss out and if you think you don’t like Saisons, try it and have your mind changed.

Available Draught Beers
Pouring Now
The Park Brewery Killcat Pale 3.9% (cask) Citrusy and floral
Buxton Spa 4.1% (keg) Special Pale Ale
Redemption Solar 4.2% (keg) Session Pale

Pouring Next
Framework Sixteen Needles 4.2% (cask) Pale Ale
Ilkley Fake News 4.1% (cask) New England Pale
Oakham Citra 4.2% (cask) Citra Hopped Pale
Buxton Myrcia 4% (keg) Oatmeal Hopburst
Moor Radiance 5% (keg) Continental Blonde


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