Well At Least The Beer Was Good

Well At Least The Beer Was Good

Well the weather Wednesday at the Oval was better for ducks (The flying not the cricket type) but at least the beer was good. Amongst the usual suspects of Carling, Green King IPA and Guinness there were also a couple of bars serving cask ale which definitely cheered the mood up in what was trying circumstances for watching cricket. The pint of Surrey Hills Shere Drop I am holding in the photo above went down very well!

It is great to see how the beer (and food offering) at stadiums has improved over the last few years. A couple of examples include Harveys cask ale being available at Brighton’s Amex Stadium and Beavertown having a bar and a small brewery at the new Tottenham Stadium. Quality sport and quality beer, sounds like a good combination to me.

In other news I had a good week away and felt refreshed coming back to work last Saturday. It was timely to squeeze a break in as we go into the final push before opening Reigate. No, we haven’t set a date yet but we will let you once we have.

New Arrivals

Not only new beer this week but a couple of new breweries as well. Both Overtone (Glasgow) and Turning Point (York) have been receiving good reviews online so I thought we should give them try, who knows in a years time we might be talking about them like we do Wylam, Verdant or Coldwater currently. If you do try them we would, as always, welcome your feedback.

Turning Point Wavelength 4.5% – Described by Turning Point as being a ‘Mosaic Super Pale’ they promise it is a ‘Juicy and piney showcase’ of Mosaic.

Overtone West Coast IPA 5.4% – The West Coast resurgence continues; ‘Pine resin, grapefruit and citrus’. Yes, yes and yes.

Redwillow Headless 3.9% – You might remember Headless being on draught a few weeks ago, well now it is in cans and tasting as good. Light and hoppy with a fruity note.

Time and Tide Urban Goose 4.6% – Don’t be a goose, give this new beer from Time and Tide your attention. Pouring with a slight haze there is plenty of tropical fruit and a good bitterness with a big dose of grapefruit. Definitely sessionable.

Shindigger Pale 4.5% – Been a while since we have had any Shindigger and I couldn’t resist ordering this when I saw the words ‘West Coast’ and that they described it as ‘Clean and crisp’ Looking forward to trying this one over the weekend.

Cloudwater Pale 4% – You don’t need me to tell you what a Cloudwater pale is going to taste like.

Available Draught Beers
Hop Stop favourites are on their way with Marble Pint being tapped tomorrow and a keg of Salopian Auric being sent fresh from the brewery as I write.
Pouring Now
Downlands Root 13 3.6% (cask) Light Pale
Gun Brewery How’s The Serenity? 4.4% (keg) Vermont Pale
Wild Beer Fresh 5.5% (keg) Crisp Pale

Pouring Next
Marble Pint 3.9% (cask) Session Pale
Gadd’s Hoppy Pale 3.6% (cask) Funnily enough a hoppy Pale
Redemption Pale 3.8% (cask) Pale Bitter
Salopian Auric 4% (keg) Session IPA
Moor Radiance 5% (keg) Continental Blonde


Ruth and Mike