Why I love Holiday Lager

Why I love Holiday Lager

Is it possible to get beer fatigue? Sometimes I think so. Here at Hop Stop we get to try a ridiculously large amount of fantastic beer. We aim to bring you the latest and greatest releases each week and of course we want to try them ourselves, not only so we can talk all about them to you but also because we love drinking fantastic beer. But sometimes it can just all get a bit much. Ok please bear with me here, I know that this piece is going to run close to coming across as sounding pretentious and all ‘woe is me, look at all the beer I have to drink’ but it is something I struggle with at times.

Sometimes I just want a beer, a cold, wet, easy drinking beer that lubricates the conversation but isn’t the topic of conversation. A beer that you can drink ten of and feel a warm glow, not drink a couple and have a banging head, (I’m looking at you oh so crushable 9% DIPA’s) A beer which doesn’t list the hop varieties, hell I’m not even sure some of them contain actual hops, but something that is chuggable in the warmth of the sun. I don’t always want to think about whether it is pineapple, melon or mango that I am tasting as I sip or whether this version is better than the previous version. Sometimes I just want to drink!

This is why I love holiday lager, that easy drinking lightly hopped best served ice cold beer that for a glorious week is the best damn beer in the world. It is the perfect accompaniment to days lying around the pool, eating too much food and soaking up the Mediterranean sun. Uncomplicated and easy to drink in copious quantities this is the beer for me, well for a week at least. For like any holiday romance the magic soon fades and I start to crave something more substantial. Hops, Bitterness and fruit bombs start to play on my mind and I want a return to normal proceedings.

That one week though acts as a beer re-set for me, it reminds me that beer is about more then what it is the glass, it is about the time, the place, and who you are drinking it with. It is so easy to get wrapped up in the world of the latest releases and what is new and exciting when at times all you need is a beer. Holiday lager does this for me and while it isn’t something I want to drink all the time I’m already looking forward to rekindling the romance next year.