Wylam Vs Salopian

Wylam Vs Salopian

Help! Yes I need help, before you start listing all the types of help that you think that I need that isn’t what I am after. What I am looking for is suggestions on what to tap on Friday. Should I go for the Wylam or should it be the Salopian? The vital details are:

Wylam Galatia Double Hopped Extra Pale 3.9%
Described by Wylam as an ‘Extra light session pale with a heavy absorbed dose of New World Hops. Fresh orange shred, stone fruit blasts and a clean dry fresh pine kick to the finish’

and in opposition

Salopian Push 3.9%
‘Crisp and clean session IPA with a light body, aromas of pineapple and tropical fruit cascade over floral and grassy hops’

Hit reply and send me your vote, the result will be known tomorrow when my tapping mallet does the business. I am anticipating no problems in having a vote, surely it can’t be that complicated…

In other news this week.

It has been a few weeks since I last updated you about our Reigate venue and in that time a lot of progress has been made, although in saying that we still have a long way to go with our projected opening remaining late spring. The toilets, office, kitchen and storage areas have all been framed, plaster boarded and as I write they are being plastered. The coolroom has been framed and insulated as well, slowly taking shape in readiness to store a lot of beer at the optimum temperature. Soon the shopfront will be replaced with much bigger panes of glass being installed to bring more light to the building. It is a busy time for us with lots of decisions to be made and work to be done but the excitement keeps the energy levels up.

Beer Tasting
On Monday I am attending a trade event hosted by one of our suppliers. It promises to be a good one with Marble, Siren and Wild Beer amongst the breweries attending. Apart from getting to try a load of new releases (tough work I know) normally at these events they offer good deals on the beer so I am hoping to snap up some new beers which we can bring to you in the coming weeks. Apologies in advance if you visit the shop on Tuesday and I am a little tired.

Gluten Free
A quick update on our Gluten Free range, we now have Arbor Mosaic pale in cans, this beer was a hit on draught over Christmas time and the can (a full 568ml) is tasting just as good with a zingy, fresh aroma the moment you pop the seal. Waiting in the coolroom for a spot in the shop is Ekuanot from Arbor and coming soon (all going well) will be the new gluten free IPA from Northern Monk.

New Arrivals

A Tiny Rebel birthday beer which deserves more attention, a spicy saison and an old favourite in a new format.

Tiny Rebel / Yeastie Boys Pomegranate & Molasses Belgian Strong Ale 8%
It was interesting to see what went first amongst the Tiny Rebel birthday collaborations and it will probably come as no surprise to you that the fastest selling three were all IPA’s. Well I think this beer deserves more attention and I would really encourage you to try it as it is different, but by no means a novelty. The pomegranate aroma hits you first off followed by a smooth, caramel sweetness which is then cut through by the bitterness while the alcohol warms through. Very, very smooth and very easy to drink this was a right hit. Serve it cool, not chilled, and sip in your favourite armchair.

Salopian Kashmir 5.5%
Remember drinking this beer when we had it on draught last year? It didn’t hang around thanks to its tropical aroma, pine notes and a long finish which has the taste of the beer lingering in your mouth long after the liquid has disappeared. One of my beers of 2018 and this can version didn’t disappoint. By the way anyone else think that calling the beer Kashmir might be a subtle nod to Thornbridge’s well known IPA?

Lost & Grounded Saison D’Avon 6.5%
If you were lucky enough to have one of our advent calendars last year you will remember this one, if not well now is your chance. Saison D’Avon is peppery and spicy, the effect of which is amplified by the high carbonation levels, not only do you taste the pepper it is as if the bubbles are ‘peppering’ your mouth. The dry finish is preceded by a hoppy note that dominates the light malt body.

Available Draught Beers
Pouring Now
Oakham JHB 3.8% (cask) Light, crisp and refreshing
Roosters 24/7 4.7% (keg) Hop forward and sessionable IPA
Dark Star Unreal 4.7% (keg) Hazy, fruity and smooth Session IPA

Pouring Next
Salopian Push 3.9% (cask) Tropical session IPA
Wylam Galatia 3.9% (cask) Double hopped extra pale
Franklins English Garden 3.8% (cask) Light pale
Time & Tide Kiss Me Quick 2.8% (keg) DDH super session IPA
Salopian Tenderfoot 4.5% (keg) Zesty session IPA


Ruth and Mike