Beer: The Best Dessert

Beer: The Best Dessert


That’s a hefty line up pictured above and part of the reason why I didn’t try any new shop arrivals on Sunday evening like I often do. Hence the new arrivals is in a slightly different format this week as you will discover.

The three stouts above were shared amongst five of us as an alternative dessert following a rather beery lunch. Finally trying the famous KBS from Founders was a real highlight, it has a cult status and happily it lived up to the hype, rich with chocolate and coffee and an underlying note from ageing in bourbon barrels it was tasty. The other two were good in their own ways, the Omnipollo on the left was their typical craziness, a pecan mud pie which really did taste like pecan mud pie. Finally the Birrificio Del Ducato Verde Imperial Stout had a heavy roasted note and reminded me of having a coffee after dinner. All in all three top beers to finish a exemplary Sunday roast at the Lockheart Tavern in Haywards Heath.

In other news this week I had my photo taken by the Surrey Mirror for an article they want to publish about our up-coming Reigate bar. Not sure if my mug will attract customers or not but you know what they say about publicity….Anyway once the article is live I will include a link in the mail so you can all have a laugh at me.

New Arrivals

I have a confession, this week I haven’t actually drunk any new beer. A few beers with a pub lunch on Sunday put paid to my usual Sunday night beer tasting session so this week I have to rely on the words of the brewers.

Whiplash Let Forever Be Simcoe Pale 5.5%
‘All the resin, spruce, zest, pineapples and dank that Simcoe delivers. All wrapped up in a neat little package’ Reading that now makes me wonder why I haven’t tried it yet.

Cigar City Invasion Tropical Pale Ale 5%
Our first beer from this Florida based brewery they describe it as having ‘Tropical notes of mango and tangerine imparted by Simcoe and Mosaic hops’ and as being ‘A perfect companion for long days of marauding, pillaging and pirating’. The first part sounds good, and the second, well maybe not.

Cloudwater City Orchard 4.8%
A farmhouse ale fermented with wild yeast here is the descriptors taken straight from the label:
Aroma and Flavour
Green Apple, Chamomile, light spice and farmhouse notes
Light and sharp with a bone-dry finish
Dry cider, floral accents, hay, gentle sourness.

That should just about cover it right?

Available Draught Beers
The Holler Cheat Mode is just hanging on and I suspect it will be finished tonight. Coming on to replace it will be Nor’Hop from Moor, a pale ale with Northern Hemisphere hops. Tomorrow on cask I will be tapping Arbor Mosaic, a real favourite at Christmas this will be the last time we have it on draught for a while so make the most of it.
Pouring Now
Mallinsons Centennial 3.9% (cask) Pale, blonde and bitter
Holler Cheat Mode 3.8% (keg) Fruity Pale
Marble Lagonda 5% (keg) IPA with citrus notes

Pouring Next
Arbor Mosaic Pale 4% (cask) Mosaic hopped pale (GF)
Salopian Alaris 3.7% (cask) Light pale
Moor Nor’Hop 4.1% (keg) Pale with Northern Hemisphere hops
360 Brewing Vermont Pale 5.2% (keg) Vermont style pale


Ruth and Mike