Claim Your Tryanuary Discount

Hi and welcome to our first email of 2019, after the madness of Christmas and New Years Eve the shop is in the traditional quiet January period now but I wouldn’t say things have returned to normal, more on that to below. Speaking of January read on to find out about our special Tryanuary offer for you all.

Tryanuary Offer
The concept of Tryanuary is that instead of going dry for the month you try for the month, choosing beers that you wouldn’t normally go for. Breaking out of the beer comfort zone is always hard, I am as guilty as anyone of getting stuck in a rut of drinking the same styles of beer from the same breweries, I am definitely going to try harder to drink beers I wouldn’t normally go for. Anyway to help you discover new beer we are running the following promotion for January:

Purchase 6 or more bottles and cans in a single transaction and receive 5% discount

Purchase 12 or more bottles and cans in a single transaction and receive 10% discount

I will do my best to remember to apply the discount, (I have put a big reminder on the counter) but don’t be shy in reminding me in-case I do forget!

The year ahead is going to be a big one here at Hop Stop for two reasons. Firstly our long planned expansion got signed off late last year and next week fit-out work on our Reigate Bar will begin. While we haven’t set an exact date for opening at this stage we are aiming for springtime, whether that is early or late spring, well let’s just see how the build progresses.

The second big event which you may or may not be aware of is that Ruth and her husband have brewed up a new arrival with delivery expected soon. So Ruth is now on maternity leave and won’t be working in the shop till later in the year. Yes, that does mean you are stuck with my face everyday, sorry about that.

As the demands of the business grow so will our employee numbers and many of you would have already met Kevin, our new shop assistant, over the Christmas period. If you haven’t to start with he will be working with me on Friday evenings and Saturday’s so make sure you say ‘hi’. A lover of Gueuze and other sour styles Kevin has already proved his worth by teaching me how to properly pronounce some of the more difficult Belgian names.

So yes, a big year ahead and my aim is to make sure I keep you up to date with any changes before they happen. As Reigate moves along I will be splitting more time between there and here in Oxted which will mean that sometimes it won’t be Ruth or me serving you here in the shop. What will stay the same is the great range of beer served up by a smiling beer enthusiast.

The picture above displaying all the beers in our Advent Calendar comes from David, one of our customers. I couldn’t resist slipping it in for one last hit of festive cheer. Thanks again for sending it in David.

New Arrivals

It is a slower time of year now but that doesn’t stop the new arrivals, here are three to kick of the year.

Lost & Grounded/DEYA Cyclone Muscovado 6.5%
Fruity, but not overly so, Cyclone Muscovado is much more restrained than I thought it was going to be. A fruity aroma is present but there is no mistaking this is a stout, the big roasted, dry and bitter notes are present and correct. The muscovado sugar brings what tastes to me is a little caramel sweetness to balance out the bitterness.

Musketeers Run Through A Field Of Wheat 6%
Are these Belgium brewers referencing a comment made by a British politician or is it simply that this beer fills them with joy? Who knows? What I do know is that this wheat IPA has plenty of spicy notes from the wheat used. While the hopping is restrained there is a nice citrus note which balances out the wheat delightfully.

Kujo Cold Brew Coffee Porter 6%
Coffee and beer are two of my favourite beverages and this beer really worked for me. Pouring rich black with a thick tan head a combination of roasted notes from the malts and the coffee wafted from the glass. In the mouth were the roasted notes but also a hint of chocolate all wrapped up in a silky smooth package which had the welcome addition of a caffeine hit.

Available Draught Beers
Pouring Now
Saltaire South Island Pale 3.5% (cask) Light Pale with NZ hops
Holler Cheat Mode 3.8% (keg) Fruity Pale
Marble Lagonda 5% (keg) IPA with citrus notes

Pouring Next
Arbor Mosaic Pale 4% (cask) Mosaic hopped Pale (GF)
Mallinsons Centennial 3.9% (cask) Centennial hopped Pale
Marble Pint 3.9% (cask) Session Pale
Moor Nor’Hop 4.1% (keg) Pale with Northern Hemisphere hops
Dark Star Unreal 4.7% (keg) New England style session IPA


Ruth and Mike