Fortuitous Timing and a New Local

Fortuitous Timing and a New Local


Well that was fortuitous, after writing last week about how I love that fact that a pint is pint here in the UK what should turn up this week but the rebranded Marble Pint cans. Rebranded you say? Well yes it was only a couple of months ago that Marble ran into some problems with their canned Pint. What sort of problems you ask? Isn’t Pint one of the best sessionable ales currently available in the UK. Well yes it is, and it is always near the top of our favourite beers. But out there somewhere in the beer drinking world a drinker(?) took exception to Pint being packaged in 500ml cans, 68ml shy of a pint, and complained to Trading Standards. Do some people have too much time on their hands? It hasn’t been revealed who complained but it is hard to comprehend that someone confused the name of the beer with the size of the can, or perhaps the complaint was malicious? Marble have come up with quite possibly the best response ever, take a closer look at the photo above.

Oxted Beer Festival
The news broke last week that Oxted Beer Festival is back on and happily this week we can confirm that we will once again be organising the beer for it. Exciting and also slightly daunting given the time frame but we are underway and getting the beer ordered. Tickets are now on sale at

Titsey Brewing Co
With my track record of jinxing cask’s by writing about them too much all I am going to say is that on Friday we will have a beer from the Titsey Brewing Company for the first time. Called Gresham Hopper it is a Hoppy Pale Ale coming in at a very sessionable 3.7%.

New Arrivals

This week has seen an abundance of riches hit the shop and trying to pick just three to highlight is a task beyond me. Below is a taste of what has arrived:

Wylam Futureshock DDH I.D.A 6% (I.D.A. stands for Indian Dark Ale)
Wylam Us and Them DIPA 8.2%
Verdant Quiet Charge Pale Ale 4.5%
Cloudwater Small Citra Ekuanot Pale 2.9%
Cloudwater Small Citra Simcoe Pale 2.9%
Cloudwater DDH Pale Citra Ekuanot 5.5%
Cloudwater IPA Citra Vic Secret 6.5%
Cloudwater DIPA Citra Enigma 8.5%

Quite the list isn’t it?


Mike and Ruth