Happy Birthday Tiny Rebel

Happy Birthday Tiny Rebel


Happy birthday to Tiny Rebel who turn 7 today. From small beginnings they have grown into a leading craft brewer in the UK who continue to push boundaries with their new releases while still celebrating the heritage of British brewing with their extensive cask range. To celebrate their birthday Tiny Rebel have released a series of collaboration brews of which we have the following available: (Collaborating brewery in bold)

Magic Rock Citra Session IPA 4%

Neon Raptor Tropical Sorbet IPA 4.8%

Deya New England IPA 6.8%

Fourpure DDH Pils 5%

Yeastie Boys Pomegranate & Molasses Belgian Strong Ale 8%

I haven’t tried them yet but it reads as a top line up. The one I am looking forward to most? well I might be biased but the Yeastie Boys strong ale with pomegranate sounds intriguing. No doubt I will be raising a can of it this weekend and toasting Tiny Rebel’s success.

Hophead Pekko cask

Regular readers will know I don’t have a great track record when promoting a particular cask ale, get a special mention in this email and it is like a curse on the cask. Well I might be tempting fate but here I go again with a special mention of Hophead Pekko. Now I should be ok as Dark Star (or is that Fullers? or maybe Asahi?) are one of the most reliable cask brewers around so let us hope my trust isn’t misplaced. Anyway this years variation on Hophead features the Pekko hop, one which I am not ashamed to admit I have never heard of before. A bit of research (googling) tells me that it is a new American hop named after the Finnish god of field and crops. More interestingly the hop is meant to give a herbal note reminiscent of mint or sage with a very clean bitterness. Sounds fascinating and I am looking forward to trying it on Friday. As a beer nerd bonus if I get my timing right on Friday we will have standard Hophead on cask as well so you can contrast and compare them directly.

New Arrivals

Yes, the Verdant did arrive in late last week but I enjoyed it so much I thought it deserved a write up. Also this week a dry-hopped German lager and our first beer from Overworks, the Brewdog off-shoot that specialises in wild fermentation and barrel ageing.

Verdant Too Many Opinions Water Down The Original Idea 9.2%
The resurgence of West Coast style IPA’s continues (Magic Rock and Buxton’s collaborative effort Recency Effect has just arrived as well) and this offering from Verdant has all the pine and resin you could want put also in typical Verdant fashion there is a juiciness as well. The alcohol is noticeable but not overwhelming, it just carries the flavour smack bang into your mouth.

Dinckelacker Hopfenwunder 5%
Yes, this has been dry hopped, but don’t go expecting a frontal assault of fruit salad. Instead enjoy the gentle effect of Amarillo, Cascade and Simcoe hops on this unfiltered lager. Clean and crisp with a waft of tropical notes in the aroma the dry hopping is subtle. perhaps initially it feels too much so. But then you find yourself having another sip, and another and before you know it the beer has all been drunk. Sometimes less is more and Hopfenwunder is a lesson in restraint with the most important part being did I want another after finishing the first? Yes. A word of warning though the beer is unfiltered and I recommend taking great care with the pour as there is a fair amount of sediment in the bottle.

Overworks Funk Vs Punk 5.5%
Now I haven’t had a chance to try this yet but it sounds intriguing; a funked up version of Punk IPA, the beer that started the Brewdog empire. The beer is described as having the tropical aromas of Punk with a touch of spice and funk followed by a long, dry, finish. Would it be completely sad of me to buy a bottle of Punk and drink it at the same time?

Available Draught Beers
The Pekko is coming and probably by the time you read this the Brew By Numbers and 360 Brewing kegs would have been drained and replaced with new keg delights.

Pouring Now
Dark Star Hophead 3.8% (cask) Light and hoppy pale
Brew By Numbers 27/01/ DDH Table Pale 3.5% (keg) El Dorado & Citra table beer
360 Brewing Californian Pale 5.2% (keg) Crisp and bitter

Pouring Next
Dark Star Hophead Pekko 3.8% (cask) Pekko hopped Hophead
Franklins English Garden 3.8% (cask) Light pale
Wylam Galatia 3.9% (cask) Double hopped extra pale
Dark Star Unreal 4.7% (keg) Session New England IPA
Roosters 24/7 4.7% (keg) Session IPA with four different hops


Ruth and Mike