Help Us Celebrate This Weekend

Help Us Celebrate This Weekend


It has been a busy week getting ready for our third birthday micro-pub pop-up this Friday and Saturday. The extra keg machine is now in place, the casks are settling and all the other pieces are ready for Friday. Now we just nervously wait to see what the weather does and of course whether anyone shows up! If you need any further encouragement to come and have a pint or two (although we recommend drinking halves so you can try more….) here is what we have lined up for the weekend:

Magic Rock Hat-Trick 3.7%
Rarely seen out of Magic Rock’s home town of Huddersfield Hat-Trick is a ‘modern take on a traditional bitter’.

Gun Brewery Velo Dog 5.5%
A strong pale ale with a mix of UK and American hops. Gun describe it as ‘a satisfying pale ale with tropical, floral and lemon notes’.

Arbor Mosaic Single Hop 4%
The Mosaic hop is eternally popular and this Arbor beer showcases it superbly. Plenty of fruity goodness with a zing.

Salopian Luna 3.8%
It wouldn’t feel right not having a beer from one of our favourite breweries for this weekend. Luna is a light golden ale that has balance at it’s core making for great drinkability.

Mikkeller Stick A Finger In The Soil 4.6%
An APA with citrus fruit notes and a touch of pine. The first Mikkeller beer we have served on draught I think this will be very popular.

Marble Stout 2018 5.7%
Yes, a dark beer on the taps and from one of the best breweries in the business. Rich and roasted thanks to the layers of malt I am really looking forward to having a couple of these.

Buxton Keller bier 4.5%
Smooth with a crisp finish this take on a traditional German Lager style needs to be tried by anyone who has sworn off lager.

Tiny Rebel Dutty 4.2%
A Vermont style session IPA Dutty is juicy with a low bitterness and a silky smooth mouthfeel. Don’t be alarmed, it is meant to be murky.

Burnt Mill Pintle 4.3%
Citra and Cascade hopped pale with a good dose of oats for a full finish. Burnt Mill are a quiet achiever on the brewing scene and one to keep an eye on.

Pressure Drop Tamborine Mountain 5.8%
Do as Pressure Drop say and let Tamborine Mountain take you to your happy place. Pineapple and Mango all wrapped up in a juicy New England style DDH pale.

From this list we aim to have two cask and four keg beers available at any one time. Keep an eye out on our website to see what is currently pouring over the weekend or just come down and see what is on, you won’t be disappointed with any of the beers. Also if you do feel like dipping into a can or bottle all our normal range will be available to purchase for enjoying on site as well. There will be plenty of non-alcoholic drinks available and even the odd glass of fizz. The weather is looking good but just in case there will be some shelter outside with limited seating as well.

Remember our hours will be:
12pm to 9pm Friday
10am to 9pm Saturday

So, big weekend ahead and next week, once the dust has settled, we will bring you some reflections on the last three years of business. Thanks to all of you now though as without you we wouldn’t be celebrating our third birthday. We are looking forward to having a pint with you over the next couple of days.

New Arrivals

Anticipating a busy weekend coming up I have had a dry week so haven’t actually sampled any of the new arrivals. Luckily I have tried two of them in other formats and the third, well I have never had a duff beer from Augustiner.

Arbor Zero-Zero 4.3%
We first had this beer in bottles going back a few months now and it was what you would expect from a Session New England IPA. Lots of haze, lots of tropical fruit characters with low bitterness and I would expect just the same from the can version. This is the first canned beer we have had from Arbor and just like their bottles they are a proper pint, 568ml which is perfect for the longer train journey.

Augustiner Dunkel 5.6%
Perfect time of year for a Dunkel, the darker malts giving an extra dimension to this lager. Expect caramel and toffee notes with the sweetness cut through by the noble hops. Dunkel’s might appear heavy or thick but really they are very drinkable as I remember from my time in Munich.

360 Brewing Best Bitter 4.2%
The cask version is lovely, a coppery best bitter which is all about balance. Biscuity malt dominates at first before the initial sweetness is tempered by the gentle bitterness from the traditional UK hops.


Mike and Ruth

Available Draught Beers
Currently we have a trio of Dark Star beers on, with the East vs West battle proving popular. East is currently in the lead albeit with the advantage of having a head start having gone on the tap a day earlier then the West Coast. Don’t miss out on being able to try the difference between the East Coast and West Coast style of IPA.
Pouring Now
Dark Star Hophead 3.8% (cask) Pale session beer
Dark Star East Coast IPA 5.9% (keg) New England style IPA
Dark Star West Coast IPA 5.9% (keg) West Coast style IPA
Hallets National Treasure 5% Sweet Cider

Pouring Next
All the details for our Birthday weekend draught can be found above.