Six Nations Supping

Six Nations Supping

For fans of the oval ball it is a big weekend coming up. The annual entertainment extravaganza that is Super Bowl kicks off late Sunday our time following a weekend of opening round games of the Six Nations. Watching rugby while drinking a pint of ale go hand in hand so to help you with your preparations for the weekend we will be tapping a duo of casks on Friday.

The two we are going to start with are:

Elgoods Golden Newt 4.1%
A pale session bitter with traditional English hops Fuggles and Goldings plus a touch of Cascade for good measure. An easy drinker that washes down crisps and peanuts nicely.

Salopian Gravity Wave 4.9%
Stronger and fruitier than the Golden Newt Gravity Wave is brewed with Mosaic, Citra, Brewers Gold and Cascade which results in a smooth beer with a gentle bitter bite.

Depending on how these two perform we do have a couple of reserves ready to call in off the bench including that ever useful utility player Hophead.

Then next week for the big England v Wales clash look out for a battle of the breweries with Tiny Rebel from Wales squaring off against Dark Star representing the best of English brewing.

By the way seeing the 2015 Rugby World Cup logo on the ball in the above photo sure brings back good memories doesn’t it!

New Arrivals

On Tuesday we had a tasty delivery of new beer from Cloudwater, Magic Rock and Gipsy Hill, below is a selection of what has made it onto the shop shelves, look out for more to follow over the next week.

Magic Rock Fantasma 6.5% and Small Voice 4.3%

So Fantasma isn’t strictly new in that we have had this Gluten Free IPA in 500ml cans before but this is the first time it is available in 330ml and rest assured it is tasting just as good, a powerful tropical aroma, silky mouthfeel and soft bitterness, what more could you want? Well how about a Magic Rock / Dry and Bitter collab? Small Voice is the result of a meeting of minds between these two renowned breweries who decided to dial back the alcohol and brew a session IPA which has a sweetness to it which is fruity rather than cloying.

Cloudwater Helles Mandarina 4.8% and DIPA Ekuanot Mosaic 8%

These really need little introduction, they are like you imagine Cloudwater beers taste. The Helles is light and delicate while the DIPA ticks all the boxes: huge nose, hazy appearance, creamy and smooth mouthfeel and a fruit salad of flavours.

Gipsy Hill Simcoe Pale 3.6% and Roamer Session IPA 4.2%

Gipsy Hill might have arrived a little late to the canning party but they sure have made up for it with a slew of recent releases hitting all the right notes. Simcoe Pale ale unsurprisingly has the earthy and pine notes that Simcoe is renowned for. It might be a bit much to say it is like a walk in the woods after a heavy rain shower but you get the drift of what I mean. Roamer mashes together two of the trends from last year: New England IPA and Session IPA. Low strength but full in the mouth this is a great one when you are looking for a beer which is a bit lighter. We will have it on keg in the upcoming weeks as well.


Mike and Ruth