The sun is here and the warmth is definitely putting a spring in our step. As much as I love cosy pubs with warming fires or a rich and decadant stout on a freezing winter’s night for a beer drinking experience it is hard to beat sitting in the sun and sinking a few cold ones. Lagers, pales and those session IPA’s make for great sunshine drinking but don’t forget those hoppy dark beers, it might seem counter intuitive but a dark and fruity beer which is nicely cooled tastes fantastic in the warmth of the sun. Ruth is currently taking the more traditional approach and cooling down with a can of Faith from Northern Monk as she enjoys an afternoon off. I wasn’t jealous at all when she sent the above photo through earlier today.

Chapeau Brewery Horsham
Following a tip off from a trusted source we got in contact with Chapeau Brewery and should have bottles and a cask delivered by the time you read this. Hard Yards is a Best Bitter which we have bottles coming of and in cask is Summit Pale Ale which we will get settling ready for next weekend. All you cycling fanatics out there will enjoy the bicycle themed branding as well.

Weekend Draught
With it set to be a sunny weekend here is the draught starting line up for Friday. Redwillow Stateless will kick things off, this American hopped pale is light in ABV but packs a hop punch. The aptly named Sunburst from Dark Star will be the other cask beer, with a grapefruit note balanced with a touch of sweetness it is a real refresher. We should see a keg change tomorrow with the Mad Hatter A Happy Accident on the verge of being emptied. It will be replaced by the fruity and bitter Session IPA from 360 Brewing. The other keg tap is taken by Slipstream from Salopian, a blood orange IPA that has a citric note running through it followed by a dry, pithy bitterness. One for all you hunters of hazy juice bombs.

New Arrivals

This week brings a mix of the shiny and new and the old and the traditional. Looking at the photo you can probably work out which is which.

Ayinger Maibock 6.7% (bottle)
Generally brewed for spring festivals Maibocks are a light coloured, more lager like variation on the normally brown, strong, and malty Bock style from Germany. So while it might look like a lager in the glass don’t be fooled, the body is rich with a touch of malt sweetness cut through by a crisp lager like bite. Easy drinking so approach with caution.

Verdant Planets Don’t Twinkle 7.2% (can)
Planets might not twinkle but beers from Verdant certainly do star. Planet’s Don’t Twinkle is a Galaxy hopped IPA (see what they did there) which has freshly arrived yesterday so I haven’t had a chance to try it yet. Correct, contrary to popular belief I don’t actually sit here sampling all day. Anyway all reports are that this is another cracker of an IPA from Verdant with a fruity earthiness from the Galaxy hop.

Weihenstephaner Hefe Weissbier 5.4% (bottle)
Wheat beer can be a great divider, for every drinker who loves the yeasty, spicy, and banana notes of a classic wheat there is one that can’t abide it. It probably doesn’t come as a surprise that I love wheat beer, it is a complex but easy going beer that rewards quaffing or contemplation equally. Weihenstephaner Hefe Weiss has a huge dose of cloves in the aroma and taste with much less of the banana and bubblegum of say a Schneider Weisse. Not particularly bitter the hops play a restrained part with this beer being all about the yeast. As a final note pour with caution, wheat beers have a habit of escaping out of your glass.


Mike and Ruth