The Hop Stop Oxted Beer Festival Survival Guide

While being a little tongue in cheek we do believe that by following these guidelines you will have a better festival experience. Although to be honest we struggle to follow some of them ourselves (every second pint should be water? Unlikely).

1) Pace yourself. If you are at the sponsors event on Friday afternoon and drinking for free for 2 hours try and pace yourself. No-one wants to be that person stumbling around at 6.30pm just as the general admission gates open.

2) Trust us, there is plenty of beer! Yes some ales might run out on Saturday afternoon but there will be a lot of variety over the course of the weekend so don’t feel the need to sample 10 different halves in the first hour, it will catch up with you.

3) While we know that drinking a lot of water is sensible it does get in the way of beer drinking but make sure you do drink a pint of water or two over the course of the day. Your body will thank you especially if you are doing an all-dayer on the Saturday.

4) Only get as many stillings (festival currency) as you need, better to buy them in small batches as you need them rather than one big batch. Remember they are worthless after the festival and any money you waste on unspent stillings is money you can’t spend on beer the rest of the year.

5) Eating is not cheating, eating along the way helps you enjoy more beer. With so many tasty food stalls operating you don’t want to miss out. (Our pick from last year is the chicken burger from Comfort Kitchen)

6) Try something new, there is plenty of time the rest of the year to drink your usual brew, pick a number from 1-100 at random and get yourself a half of the corresponding beer, you might just find a new favourite.

7) Parked up in the main tent all day? Take a walk around the rest of the festival, you might be surprised by what is going on. In saying that last year we walked into the Retox tent and walked straight back out again.

8) Help the bar staff out, if it is busy decide what you want before getting to the bar and please don’t stand at one end of the bar and ask for something from right down the other end.

9) If you have sudden inspiration to make a drastic life change after 6 pints on Saturday afternoon try not to act on it straight away. In the cold, hard light of Sunday morning you might realise it wasn’t the great idea it seemed at the time.

10) Canned beer is great to avoid any spillage, funnily enough we will have a great stock of cans at the Hop Stop Bar.

11) Take Monday off work. Post festival blues plus work on a Monday morning is not a happy combination.


Ruth and Mike