Ten Beers to try at the Oxted Beer Festival

Ten Beers to try at the Oxted Beer Festival

After spending many months compiling the beer list for the Oxted Beer Festival 2017 we like to think we know it back to front and inside out. With that knowledge and having sampled a fair few of the beers along the way here is the Hop Stop Hit List of ten beers we think you should seek out to try at the festival this year. They aren’t necessarily our individual favourites or a list of the ten ‘best’ beers at the festival but ten that are interesting, new, unusual or not normally seen around this area. They might not all be to your taste but the cost of a half pint or a can isn’t huge or if the bar isn’t too busy the staff might even offer you a sample so why not give them a try.

Dark Star Not into Yoga 4.5% (Cask Bar)
A late replacement for Dark Star’s Hylder Blonde Not into Yoga is a Pina Colada Pale Ale, yes, you did read that right a Pina Colada pale ale. Loads of tropical fruit with an underlying coconut base this is wacky but very drinkable, especially if the sun comes out. Singing ‘If you like Pina Colada’s’ while drinking this is optional.

Siren Yulu 3.6% (Cask Bar)
Yulu combines two great British institutions, Cask Ale and Tea. This ‘Loose Leaf Tea’ pale ale is loaded with Earl Grey tea and lemon zest for a refreshing, citrus hit with a subtle waft of bergamot.

Tiny Rebel Cereal Killer 3.0% (Cask Bar)
The lightest beer at the festival the 3% abv Cereal killer hits all the right hop notes at a strength that is the very definition of sessionable.

Alphabet Flat White Stout 7.4% (Hop Stop Bar)
Got a weekend ticket and feel like you will need a little pick up on Saturday after a heavy Friday night? Grab a can of the Flat White Stout which does actually have a hit coffee in it. Of course the high abv might not be the best for a delicate stomach.

Roosters Baby Faced Assassin 6.1% (Cask Bar)
A sleeper hit this one and very aptly named. A seemingly delicate and light beer that hides it strength well. The strongest cask beer available we recommend treating this beer with respect or it will feel like you have had a run in with a baby-faced assassin.

Hofmeister Lager 5.0% (Lager Bar)
Yes, you read that correctly. Those of you old enough to remember it might just be shuddering at the thought of it but Hofmeister is back and is actually tasting like a German Lager thanks to new owners and new brewers. If in doubt, follow the bear!

Beavertown Neck Oil 4.3% (Hop Stop Bar)
Many of you will know Neck Oil already so will understand just how well this beer will go down at the festival. If you haven’t tried it then you are in for a treat, pick up a can when you are after pure refreshment.

Local Beer (Cask Bar)
If you are visiting the festival from outside the Oxted area or live locally and haven’t managed to try any of the local beers yet the festival is a great time to do so. Beers from The Westerham Brewery, Godstone Brewers and of course The Oxted Brewery will be available so give one a go and support local.

Rotating tap (Hop Stop Bar)
This is where we have some fun at the Hop Stop Bar. One of our four keg lines will be a rotating tap where different kegs will be appearing over the course of the weekend. You will just have to keep coming back to see what has appeared on the tap but we promise some treats!

Wild Beer Pogo 4.1% (Hop Stop Bar)
Passionfruit, Orange and Guava in a beer might sound weird but sure tastes good. The tropical fruits escape out of the can and carry through to the taste. Beers with added fruit are trending currently so don’t suffer from FOMO and get yourself a can.

Mike and Ruth