Two New Breweries


Bank holiday weekend is almost upon us which means an extra day to enjoy a couple of beers while soaking up the forecasted sunshine. If you are captured by the thrill of the new then this week we have a treat for you with not one but two new breweries hitting the shop. Read more below along with a run-down of our draught offering for the weekend.

Two New Discoveries

With over 1800 breweries in the UK getting a foothold in the market is incredibly hard. Shelf and fridge space is always limited and for a new brewery trying to compete with established names like Verdant, Northern Monk and Cloudwater it can be an uphill struggle. Do you take a punt on a new brewery or do you spend your hard earned cash on a beer that you know is going to be quality from say, Verdant? That is why Ruth and I spend a lot of time researching new breweries so we don’t just bring you new beers for the sake of it but because we believe these are breweries to watch out for as future stars. So it is with excitement that Loka Polly and Arundel Brewery beers are here in the shop for the first time.

Loka Polly
From deepest North Wales Loka Polly first caught our eye when they began popping up more and more on social media. Sure the branding is striking but what really caught our attention was the solid reviews they were earning for their range of (ok so this phrase is bit of a cliché) ‘Fresh, modern seasonal beer’. Having also had a couple of customers recommend them to us we took the plunge and are happy that we did. Choose from either the El Dorado Mosaic IPA (6.4%) or the Chinook Ekuanot Pale (5.1%) By the way the name Loka Polly comes from a combination of the name of a business and a horse (Polly) that both once occupied the building that the brewery now calls home.

Arundel Brewery
Gingerly walking the streets of Arundel seeking out coffee one Sunday morning following a wedding the night before I stumbled upon the Arundel Brewery shop. Always keen to check out the local brew scene I surveyed the usual range of bottled bitters, golden ales and pales that you would expect from a small town brewery. Yet initial appearances can be deceiving and the other shelves were chocked full of cans which wouldn’t look out of place in the hippest venue. Definitely worth a punt I thought and picked up a few to try later. Well as you have probably guessed they tasted excellent and we now have a couple available for you to try.Take your pick from Clockwork, a sessionable Citra and Rakau hopped IPA (4.5%) or dial it up with Uptown, a DDH NEIPA (6.2%)

As always we welcome your feedback on these beers and if you have stumbled across a brewery that you think we should stock then let us know.

Bank Holiday Draught
From tomorrow we will have these draught beers available for your long weekend enjoyment. On cask we
start with Downlands Hop Contract (4%) which blends Eureka and Citra hops and Scaramanga (3.9%) from the Gun Brewery which is an extra pale ale. The Sussex theme continues into Saturday when Hophead (3.8%) will be making an appearance. Looking for something a little maltier? American Amber (4.8%) from Marble on keg will hit the spot, with Cheat Mode (3.8%) pale ale from Holler being the other keg offering. Keep an eye on our beer menu to see what is currently pouring.

Bank Holiday Monday
We will be closed on Bank Holiday Monday so best to get your beer in on Saturday when we are open as per usual 10am-8pm.

New Arrivals

It was hard work narrowing it down to just three with a bumper crop of new beers having arrived in the last week.

Pressure Drop Domino Topple 7.2% (bottle)
It would be oh so easy to overlook bottled IPA’s and head to the cans but if you did you would miss this little gem from Pressure Drop. Mosaic is a hop that always whets my appetite and when it is put to good use such in this beer it really hits the spot. It is fruity, zingy and bitter, two thumbs up alright.

Arbor Amarone Porter 8.4% (bottle)
One for the wine buffs, Amarone being an Italian red wine, which Arbor used old empty barrels of to mature this beer in. That barrel ageing has worked a treat with the beer having layers of flavour that slowly reveal themselves. There is the chocolate and caramel of a porter but something deeper as well, a rich, dark, fruitiness which is eerily like a full bodied red wine.

Gipsy Hill Hunter Helles 5% (can)
A sweeter lager that has gentle bitterness and a grassy, biscuit like finish. Goes well with a hard days work.


Mike and Ruth