Welcome to Hop Stop Beer

Welcome to Hop Stop Beer

Welcome to the Hop Stop blog – news, views and updates from your local beer shop.

Located at 121 Station Road East in Oxted. The shop is owned and operated by beer lovers, brother and sister in law Ruth and Mike.

Ruth is a local who went to Oxted School and developed a love of beer from a young age. She has been involved in the brewing industry before having previously worked at Surrey Hills brewery in Dorking. Last year she went on a 6 month beer journey with her husband across Europe and North America sampling over 3000 beers in the process. It was after the trip that Ruth knew she wanted to do something for herself and after a bit of thinking and more than a few beers came up with the idea of opening a beer shop. Once the right site was found she did all the design and decorating work and with a bit of help got the shop fitted out like it is. Ruth has a wide range of knowledge on both local and international beers and loves to help you choose your next beer.

While never having worked in the Brewing industry I have long held a keen interest in all things beer related. Originally from New Zealand as a student I spent a lot of time drinking cold fizzy rubbish until a trip to Britain as a backpacker introduced me to the world of real ale and all the amazing flavours and styles available. Once back in New Zealand I began exploring the different styles of beer and experimented with home brewing as well. Visits back to Britain with Becky my British wife re-inforced a love for proper ales which was complemented in New Zealand with the ever expanding range from the burgeoning micro-brewery industry. A fan of most styles of beer I am happiest introducing customers to the New Zealand beers available in the shop, just be warned that once I start talking about them it can be hard for me to stop.

Our aim with the shop is to provide you with a fantastic range of beers on draught and in bottles and cans to takeaway. We stock a wide range of styles and love helping you discover new flavours and new favourites. We source our beer locally, from around Britain, Europe, and the rest of the world. Our range will be rotated to ensure that there is always something new in store for you to try.

A great feature is our draught beer range available fresh from the cask and keg to takeaway in 2 pint containers and 8.8 pint mini kegs. The 2 pint containers are great for a couple of beers in the evening while the mini kegs are fantastic for a party or perhaps to share with friends while watching the game. With a little tap to pour from they are a great talking point, who wouldn’t want their own barrel of beer! We will always have a variety of beers available on draught from easy drinking bitters to more hop forward and higher strength styles. We are more than happy to offer samples if you need help deciding! Check out our website to see what is available on draught or follow us on Facebook and Twitter for an update when we tap a new barrel.

Look forward to seeing you soon

Ruth and Mike


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