When is a Pint not a Pint?

When is a Pint not a Pint?

Hi Everyone

Even now after some 2 and a half years of living in the UK I still get asked “What am I doing here?” or “Why would you ever leave New Zealand to come and live in the UK?” It took me by surprise the first few times I was asked, sure there are negatives to living in the UK just like there are when living in New Zealand. Nowhere is perfect and I find myself telling people that quite aside from the fact I have a British wife the UK is an amazing country with so much going for it, history, culture, scenery, vibrancy and of course a fantastic beer and pub culture which is quite unlike anywhere else.

One element of this pub culture which is like a shining beacon to me is a Pint, yes the simple 568ml legal measure which when you order and pay for a pint you should receive. In New Zealand a ‘Pint’ is whatever the landlord wants to serve. One pub it might be 500ml, down the road at the next 450ml and so on, there is no legal requirement. Head to Australia and the confusion continues, schooners, midis, pots, glasses, just trying to order a beer works up a tourist’s thirst. Whereas here in the UK a pint is just that, you know what you are going to get wherever you are in the country. A pint is a pint and I will raise a pint to that.

Oxted Beer Festival 2018
Breaking news today is that the Oxted Beer Festival is back on in 2018. There are few details as I write, all we currently know is that the Oxted and Limpsfield Community Sports Association is running the event once again on the weekend of the 20th-22nd of July. We will keep you posted as to developments.

New Arrivals

After the delivery delays of last week things are back on track. Not only is there the three below but as you read this we should have received a pallet with lots of the good stuff including more Evil Twin.

Roosters / Beavertown By ‘Eck Clementine IPA 6.8%
Another release marking the 25th anniversary of Roosters By ‘Eck continues the trend for fruit driven IPA’s albeit with a fruit that we haven’t seen in a beer before.

Tuatara Mot Eureka 5%
Created by the pioneering New Zealand brewery Emerson’s the NZ Pilsner takes the malt and yeast characteristics of the original Czech pils and loads it with plenty of NZ hops. These hops bring a grassy, citrusy element to the beer all of which can be tasted in the Mot Eureka from Tuatara.

Three Kings Sour Pop 6.2%
We love fruit beers but this one left Ruth and I divided. A Saison with sour black cherries it pours a lovely deep red in the glass. With minimal sweetness, a tart cherry kick and a long dry and bitter finish I loved it but for Ruth the finish was just a bit over done. Which side of the divide will you be on?


Ruth and Mike